We Didn’t Start the Fire . . . Did We?

When I was a Boy Scout many years ago, we were required to start a fire with three or less matches as one step to get our First Class Rank.  Of all the things I had to do in Scouting, this one was consistently the most difficult.  At camp after camp, other scouts could start... Continue Reading →

Civility in Civil Law

There is some perverse comedy that put the topic of civil law right at the same time as the election.  As a fan of politics the way some people are fans of sports, I follow elections with keen interest  Sometimes candidates promise extra vending machines in the cafeteria.  Sometimes they run on sheer popularity.  Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, Mr. Van Winkle

Sometimes coming to an important realization feels like waking up.  Sometimes shedding baggage from our lives feels like wiping the sleep from our eyes and brushing the morning breath off our teeth.  It comes in a moment's rush of insight, re-aligning much of how we understand and categorize the random chaos around us into comprehensible... Continue Reading →

For those of us who are awake

A few years back, when my wife and I were in a very remote corner of the Colorado plateau, we were talking to a local realtor about the area.  He assured us it was a very safe area, compared to the DFW metro area where we lived.  I looked around us, not seeing a soul... Continue Reading →

What it tastes like: Report on Topic #9

From the outset I should clarify something from my last post.  This teaching, like all teachings I've been covering are meant for those striving to follow Jesus.  Like his teachings on peace and forgiveness, it really makes no sense in any other context.  Also, nothing in this post should be construed as judgment on any... Continue Reading →

Regarding Marriage

The group of people who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls were very concerned with yakhad.  This Hebrew word, found throughout their writings means "to be one", or more succinctly, "Unity".  The goal of their CommUNITY was to bring everyone together as a righteous offering to the Lord.  A covenant community that epitomized what the covenant people... Continue Reading →

Peace: Report on Topic #8

Right out of the gate I have to tell you.  It is REALLY hard to maintain a new mindset day-in-and-day-out, every hour of every day.  I need more than daily reminders.  But like most of this, we'll call it a work-in-progress.  Here's the mindset that I've struggled over the past few weeks to maintain:  "I... Continue Reading →

Warriors in the Kingdom of Heaven

Alternative Title: How to be a soldier in the Kingdom of Heaven.  This week's topic is another one that is not easy to live.  Or even accept.  Leo Tolstoy wrote a whole book on it that was ignored by most.  The topic is "Blessed are the Peacemakers", otherwise known as "Turn the other cheek". First,... Continue Reading →

Mmmmm! Humble Pie: Report on Topic #7

I have found myself in a strange position where the topic at hand has had me question the utility of writing this.  Humility.  Is it "false" pride of me to assume that I have value to add to this discussion?  These topics have already been covered by people smarter, more learned, holier, and more talented... Continue Reading →

Always Be Humble and Kind

When we lived in New Hamphire, one of my kid's elementary school teachers taught that the Red Sox were the good guys and the Yankees were the bad guys.  And you could tell, because the Yankees wore stripes like criminals in jail.  My kid bought it, hook, line, and sinker, and were unlikely to find... Continue Reading →

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